“Good thing, bad thing, who knows”

“Good thing, bad thing, who knows”

Everybody has wished for a “6-month vacation, twice a year” at least once in their life. Little did we know that the universe would accept our wistful application but not without an asterisk with terms and conditions written in tiny letters.

In January, we were beaming with joy and excitement. We planned our yearly vacation, family reunions and birthday celebrations, only to have them all rescheduled or worse, cancelled. Those cancelled weddings and reunions meant you wouldn’t get to flaunt your brand new, over-priced lehengas and sherwanis.

February was a month we took for granted. It was the last month when everything still seemed perfectly normal. Do you remember what a normal day felt like? like a reverie and like a summer dream that sense of freedom and safety melted away.

In March, there was a wave of terror and confusion in the form of the lockdown, with more sequels than my favorite book series ever had. Initially, it was terrifying. If the virus didn’t kill us, it would be from insanity, from having to live within those four walls 24/7.

Do you recall a time when we’d tell each other that we were “bored in the house” and couldn’t wait to get out of our homes? It seems like a long time ago, doesn’t it? We were still getting used to the lockdown, doing chores unwillingly and watching Netflix endlessly.

Amidst all this chaos, I was travelling. I’d virtually travelled to picturesque destinations while staring at the Microsoft lock-screen on my laptop. One day it was the blue waters along south of France and the next was a castle on a Scottish isle. My many trips to the kitchen were short but always blissful.

I’d expertly whip up a Dalgona coffee(it tasted horrible) and grab a slice of chocolate cake with it, but not before I photographed it and posted it on Instagram with appropriate hashtags. A new cuisine felt like a new destination.

It was in April that the Covid cases increased but so did the number of lectures I had to hear from my parents. We’ve all heard an earful along the lines “you live like a guest in this house” or “you’re so lazy” along with a little bit of casual body shaming in order to “motivate” us to exercise. I would cringe out of disgust while doing dishes and the laundry. Have you ever tried washing your own bathroom? I think I’ve moped more tears while doing these chores.

I remember going to bed exhausted one night and when I woke up it was the 1st week of August, then I blinked and two more weeks had gone by.

Whatever happened to May, June and July!?

By then I’d gotten the hang of doing chores, the magic mop and the dishwasher were like those two best friends that always had your “back”.

Six months into quarantine, It’s September now and realization hit me like a train. I’m not sure if it’s because I just turned 21 or if it’s because my wisdom tooth grew but I felt the sudden urge to make certain lifestyle changes. Have you ever felt that? the sudden need to make some positive changes about yourself?

It took a global pandemic, a series of lockdowns and reading books, which I never would have read otherwise, for me to realize that I’ve been seeing things from a wrong perspective. The Covid-19 was like a final nail to the coffin, it was that push that threw things off balance for us, humans. It was the universes way of telling us to stop. It taught me the value and effort that goes into doing simple mundane activities, which we often don’t pay much attention to.

I’ve made a breakthrough, have you?

“Somewhere between travelling from my sofa to my bed, with a book in my hand, I rediscovered myself”

~ Rupali Gauravaram

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