Safest when it’s dark

Safest when it’s dark

I slip away into the darkness, It’s the only place where I find calmness,

Satisfied and away from prying eyes, I let out a breath I’d been holding,

Unafraid of the dark,

It’s the only thing that nurtures me, protects me from their sinful gaze,

Over here they cannot see me, they cannot follow me, they cannot hurt me

I’ve grown to embrace the darkness,

befriended the shadows that walk beside me,

trusted only the moonlight to guide me,

I converse with the wind, as it gently brushes past me,

I silently fall in love with the night sky with its piercing stars and

drifting clouds that shift like drapes across the crescent moon

The sky rumbles softly, that’s how it greets me every night,

when I’m down, trying to find my way out


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